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Eros Baldissera

E. Baldissera, professor of Arabic language and literature at Venice University, author of “Dizionario di Arabo”: Muhammed Ghudai,an experienced and valid  Syrian teacher, as Venice university students can testify , has moved to Cairo where he is now teaching students face to face as well as via Skype.

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Marta Merati (Italy)

Why should you choose Professor M. Ghudai? Because of his long experience which makes lessons interesting and useful. You learn an everyday vocabulary (he never confuses standard Arabic with dialect) in relation to specific fields and semantics which makes it more easy to memorize and he gives you the chance to make a short speech …

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Meris Bottosso (Italy)

I began to study Arabic from scratch and thanks to the professionalism of Muhammad I managed to love this language, obtaining good results at the end. Moreover his permanent adressability makes a stay in Damascus a lot easier as he knows how to find a solution for every possible request.

Elena Gusella (Italy)

I started this experience knowing only the `alphabet, and in just two months I feel I have learned a lot. Now I can translate sentences and can read them even if slowly and make myself understood by the people. I really understood what I have been taught when, during class, I could describe my day …

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Tania Ghiraldo (Italy)

Following the lessons of Arabic with Ghudai I certainly sped up my learning of the Arabic language, enriching it every day with a new vocabulary and expressions useful in everyday life. The interactive method increased my motivation towards learning the Arabic language, which was not presented at a level of only purely classical literature, but …

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Giusy d’alessandro (Italy)

“You are very enthusiastic, but let’s see if you do not get tired of studying” “Let’s make a bet Professor:` let’s see who will get tired first, if you from my questions or me from Arabic grammar! “ It started more or less like this, this adventure in Damascus. The situation was immediately clear there …

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Antonella Appiano (Italy)

I have made remarkable steps forward in my Arabic with Ghudai. He is a professor, so well prepared & responsible. His method to teach conversation is very good & interesting & effective.

Martina Grilli & Chiara Virgone (Italy)

The course that we did with Prof. Ghudai was the first experience of studying language abroad. We regard Mr. Ghudai as very capable of adapting his program to beginners as well as advanced students. He is also very skilled in accompanying the students during their progress step by step. A very nice experience to be …

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Simona Bartocci (Italy)

I know Arabic & I came in order to improve it. I have made remarkable progress in spite of the fact that I stayed for 18 days only.

Giulia Di Bernardini (Italy)

Ghudai was the first private professor to teach me Arabic. I never found the same patience,disponibility & professionality anywhere else ,especially in one professor. My current knowledge in Arabic reached a high level with him. Above avery thing thanks for the time whichGhudai had dedicated to the lessons.

Federica Ferretti (Italy)

I`m student of Arabic of three years and many professors have contributed to my learning. When there is much to be learned, any method of teaching may seem useful, but in these last months of private lessons supported by my teacher Mohammed Ghudai , I realized how much time I wasted. Learning this wonderful language …

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Serena Sirianni (Italy)

I arrived in Damascus and I could not distinguish ب from ن but thanks to the patience and passion of Muhammed in two months I was able to read and understand an unvoweled text. The lessons were intense but joyful, and always accompanied by a good cup of tea. Thanks for the miracle that Muhammed has made.

Daniela Soricetti (Italy)

I am very pleased and would recommend Muhammad to anyone interested. First of all, Muhammad is a very good Arabic language tutor, and I am very glad to have met him. I am very happy every time I see him, because hegives me so many incentives to continue studying. I learned many words and I …

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Silvia Coccioli, Alessandra Fiumara, Stefania Schembari (Italy)

Arriving in Damascus between the coranic school & university, we were trying to find an alternative with the professor Mohammed Ghudai. We have found the answer to our needs & we have in fact frequented the course with the possibility to establish the program of study with the professor ,and over all with the advantage …

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Maria laura romani (Italy)

I spent about two months in Damascus and attended the lessons with Professor Ghudai and I can only be satisfied. I believe I’ve made a lot of progress and learned a lot not only in grammar, but also in basic vocabulary. I would say that the professor’s patience and the enthusiasm with his students is …

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Sara Ceccaci (Italy)

“Last year, during my stay in Damascus, I had the opportunity to do some lessons in classical Arabic which were very helpful for my research for my thesis on the spread of the Internet in Syria. With Ghudai’s help, I improved my knowledge of Arabic and I have been given information on this topic of …

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Alessandra Tecce (Italy)

Finally a teacher with a method! Ghudai is not the first teacher with whom I have studied, but it is the first that has effectively helped to consolidate and improve my knowledge of Arabic – as well as being kind and attentive to the necessities of students – Thanks Ghudai.

Lorenzo (Italy)

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to study Arabic with Ghudai, he definitely a very good teacher and helpful and speaks very good italian, I studied four weeks with him and I can say i learned a lot. Ghudai loves his work, iwould not hesitate to return to him

Annalisa Pellegrini, Stefania Vacchelli (Italy)

After the first month of lessons, we are very enthusiastic about our improvements. Within two years of Arabic grammar in Milan we finished different books, but we arrived in Damascus discouraged because we had to realize that we neither could really talk nor understand arabic. Here, after reviewing and completing the grammar part, we truly …

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Nicola Peruzzo (Italy)

I have known Muhammad for years, and I must say that meeting him and taking his classes was very essential and important to my university career. I was lucky to stay in Damascus for a month and a half, where I could study classical Arabic with a teacher like him. I think he is at …

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Davide De Biasio (Italy)

“With Muhammad I decided to undertake a program of classical Arabic for the period of 5 months. I had already graduated in Arabic so I needed to apply the language as much as possible and learn new words that I could use to communicate properly. The first 3 months were very important to enrich my …

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Giorgia Cantaro (Italy)

The lessons are really useful with Ghudai, because they can mix all the necessary elements to learn this language: grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and conversation. They are not restricted just to covering the theories of grammar, as too often happens in Italian and European a universities, but help to understand the peculiar dynamics and …

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Daria Petrini (Italy)

I found that Just one month with Ghudai was far more productive than an entire year in an Italian university. His lessons are really interesting and he does engage with the students. the two hours’ lesson used to just fly away everyday. I learned a great deal of very useful vocabularies which proved to be …

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Claudia Cozzolino (Italy)

The course of Arabic language which I have accomplished with you was really useful. You gave me the possibility to deepen different aspects of this language. You are a very good professor, at the same time you have much patience & attentiveness because you can understand my exigence. Thank you so much for everything & …

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Lorella Ventura (Italy)

I wish to offer an advice for the Italians whom they are study Arabic in Damascus.: I found a very good work relationship with Ghudai because withGhudai you can learn useful things, e.g., for the daily life. You learn to communicate in everyday life. Besides he knows Italian very well and has the capacity to …

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Silvia Favero (Italy)

It is my desire to thank Mohammad Ghudai for his patience & disponibility for teaching Arabic grammar & for translating difficult texts because he is prepared to work beyond regular work hours & to face grammatical analysis & textuals so far from the normal teaching of the language. He demonstrated a great capacity of synthesis …

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