Online lessons

It is a new way to learn the Arabic language using proven language techniques and the latest technology that make it possible from any computer. Using Skype and other video-calling tools, you will be able to see and hear your Arabic teacher as if you were sitting with hem in Syria or Egypt or any place in the world. Also, we use the latest digital writing pad technology so that you can practice your Arabic writing along with your Arabic speaking and Arabic reading.

How It Works? Watch the videos

To start online lessons you need the following :

  1. Desktop/Laptop computer with Internet connection.
  2. Skype software and a headset (mic/speaker)
Online Arabic lessons via Skype

* You choose the times your Arabic classes start and end. This is your Arabic lesson, and we will make sure that you succeed on your time and at your pace.

Online lesson via Skype

We offer an affordable online Arabic Language courses. We can help you maximize your Arabic language skills; quickly, affordably, and in the privacy of your own home with professional teacher.

  • Simple to use online one-to- one classes
    with both video and audio
  • Flexible lessons time to study at work or at home.
  • ??$ per lesson one to one (the lesson is 2 hours)
  • Our skype account: lalinguaarabapertutti
  • For more information please contact us :

You can try the first lesson, it is free[/important]

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