Nicola Peruzzo (Italy)

I have known Muhammad for years, and I must say that meeting him and taking his classes was very essential and important to my university career.
I was lucky to stay in Damascus for a month and a half, where I could study classical Arabic with a teacher like him. I think he is at a level much higher than many other teachers I have contacted because of his excellent preparation and teaching skills. I found other teachers to be dishonest and made me wastetime and money – and I can say this from personal experience.
What distinguishes Muhammad is his sincere humanity, understanding, patience, and his excellent preparation, clarity and especially his proven teaching method that leads to guaranteed and stunning progress step by step. He also speaks English and Italian, so understanding and comprehension are easy for any student (no small feat!).
Muhammad is a very helpful and intelligent tutor. He’s able to quickly understand the situation and level of each student so you can start studying the areas that need more attention right away without wasting time.
This year I also decided to take Arabic language lessons and of course I turned to him.But although Icannot move I tried to contact him anyway, and he surprised me again: he now teaches through the Internet via Skype, so can he connect with anyone, wherever they are!
So I did not miss this opportunity, and in addition to continuing my study of classical Arabic, I also wanted to learn a bit of Egyptian dialect. I must say that in a short time he managed to teach me many useful things, so much so that I could even communicate in dialect after a few lessons.
I must say that the lessons online via Skype are just as effective as personal lessons: with a webcam, a headphone and a microphone you face one another just like in a classroom. It’s too bad he cannot offer you tea or coffee with sweets, as he usually did when he held classes in his home.
In any case, Mohamed is a serious teacher, a professional, always prepared, available, a great person, a very good teacher, and a worthy friend. He comes highly recommended, satisfaction guaranteed.