Our method

Muhammed Ghudai is an experienced Arabic language instructor specializing in Modern Standard Arabic and the Syrian Colloquial Arabic. He keeps class sizes small, between two and three students, ensuring students rapidly develop their language skills.

His course methodology is as follows:

Literary Arabic [MSA] (al-arabiyya al-fusha):

  1. Grammar: learning the basics provides a solid foundation for the student to further learn the language.
  2. Reading: focusing on short texts so the student can build a good vocabulary. Texts will be based on student university materials.
  3. Writing: particular care ensures that the students will understand, organize, and present their created texts clearly and concisely.
  4. Composition: after a short time the student will be prepared to write longer and more detailed passages.
  5. Conversation: will focus on daily life situation and incorporate discussions revolving around a variety of topics.
  6. Multimedia: will use a variety of news media and television shows to develop the student`s oral comprehension.

Colloquial Syrian (al-ammiya al suriyya):

We will study Colloquial Syrian Arabic or the spoken language of Syrian daily life. The
course will use a combination of proverbs, dialogues, and multimedia.

Our teaching methodology

We organize lessons thematically by topics pertinent to a student’s studies and daily life situations. These lessons span a variety of topics and include the news media, common household terminology, sports, and everyday scenarios a student might experience in Damascus. This helps the student understand terms and methods useful for interacting and preparing him or her to become an active participant in conversations.
In addition, each lesson includes a detailed grammar unit.