Jonas Roellin (Switzerland)

I studied literary arabic (al-fusha) at Mr. Ghudai’s private institute regularly for almost 4 months and every lesson was worth it. As we moved forward in the course of well-structured and entertaining lessons we treated generally relevant and common topics (from politics, society, economics, entertainment, sports etc.) and Mr.Ghudai did well providing the essential vocabulary and introducing the topics through both reading and listening materials and eventually controlling writing skills by giving out sensible homework and training speaking skills by initiating interesting discussions at the end of the lessons. Mr. Ghudai is without a doubt a very competent teacher for al-fusha arabic. He is careful to notice individual weaknesses and helping the students to surpass them, he explains things calmly and clearly and with a lot of patience, he encourages questions and adapts quickly to individual ways of language reasoning and, last but not least, Mr.Ghudai struck me as a very reliable, genuine and professional teacher.