Giorgia Cantaro (Italy)

The lessons are really useful with Ghudai, because they can mix all the necessary elements to learn this language: grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and conversation.

They are not restricted just to covering the theories of grammar, as too often happens in Italian and European a universities, but help to understand the peculiar dynamics and structures of language, and above all help to practice the grammar, which students would otherwise tend to forget.

Proceeding slowly, I enjoyed great progress acquiring various vocabularies touching on many topics and including simple and basic terms and expressions for daily life. I started to improve my writing and spoken language. Ghudai is a professional teacher, always ready to correct and explain terms in a clear and simple way.

I attended private lessons with him personally and I am continuing my lessons on Skype because of his great teaching ability. I recommend Mohammed Ghudai to all those who love Arabic and want to study it with an effective method whether in his classroom or on Skype.