Davide De Biasio (Italy)

“With Muhammad I decided to undertake a program of classical Arabic for the period of 5 months. I had already graduated in Arabic so I needed to apply the language as much as possible and learn new words that I could use to communicate properly.
The first 3 months were very important to enrich my vocabulary, but not only this: what is important to know is that Muhammad always searches for the nearest word possible in Italian which consequently leads to the best use of every single word in Arabic. This does not often happen in institutes and universities or with other tutors. The method he uses is very efficient if accompanied of course by a strong commitment of the student.
During the other two months we worked on listening skills by watching different videos and by focusing on political language in TV and newspapers. Of course we didn’t practice reading and listening without adequate basic training which I was given in the form of analysis of several introductory texts including vocabulary.
I am happy to say that after 5 months I’m able to communicate within many thematic fields, to open the newspaper and to read it thoroughly, to understand cartoons and news programs as part of al-Jazeera.
I hope to come back because I am amazed by the huge amount of knowledge gained with Muhammad, by his effective methods as well as his precision, skill and absolute dedication to the student. “