Arabic language lessons for immigrants’ children

Many immigrants in foreign countries suffer from one main problem related to their children, who were born in other countries: they learned another language as their native tongue. These parents wish that their children will speak Arabic, as if they were living in their homeland one day, whether they are from Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan or any other Arab country

Many of my students told me that they met Arab families in their European countries and the families complained that they can’t find Arab language tutors who understand the difficulty of the Arabic language and make it easy to understand for their children and more beloved to their offspring. In addition, the majority of Arabic language teachers in Europe, America and Canada teach this language because they are Arabs and not because of their experience or qualifications. What is worse is that they sometimes teach without distinguishing between Modern Standard Arabic (al-arabiyya al-fusha, which is the official language in all Arab countries) and Colloquial Arabic (which differs between countries).

With the technological developments in our world these days, it is easy to learn anything, and this is what we are trying to do:”To make the Arabic language available to any person in any place in the world”.

Now immigrants and their children can study and learn Arabic without travelling and leaving their homes via Skype. They will feel as if they are in a real classroom where they will write, read and listen to Arabic at advanced levels.

You can try the first lesson for free.